Athlete with disabilities in Hutton House gym featured on TSN

TSN features one of our Special Olympians

Posted on June 15, 2017

Val NyhoutVal and Kristy


Val raises the bar

Val Nyhout is a fierce competitor in the Hutton House fitness centre. Her only competition here is herself.

And the self-transformation she has initiated is powerful says her proud Dad David as he watches her pace on a treadmill. To witness for yourself, watch TSN on July 1st as The Sports Network features a Canada Day special segment on Val during their coverage of women’s soccer.

While Val may only compete with herself in the gym, it’s different on the soccer pitch or the other venues where the multi-sport athlete vies to be the best. Val is also a:

  • Gymnast
  • alpine skier
  • golfer
  • basketball player

But her loyalty to training is a testament to Kristy Hoornick the Hutton House fitness facilitator who says, “Val has come a long way in her training, she is now lifting heavier weights, running longer on the treadmill and overall is a very strong athlete.”

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Hutton House promotes and supports persons with disabilities through learning and life-enhancing programs that focus on each individual's strengths, abilities, and interests.